The Döbra Solar Development Project is an incorporated association not for gain (NGO) with the aim to increase the consciousness for the environment in Namibia and to improve the living standard in areas without electricity by using solar energy.

The project started in January 2009 and since then it is specialized in the production of solar cookers with a parabolic mirror. Up to now over 150 solar cookers has been sold. For the future the production of further solar energy technologies are planned as for example solar showers and box cookers.
In combination with the sell presentations in the advantage of solar cooking, the environmental effects of deforestation and the opportunities to use a solar cooker are given. For special projects like the donation of 30 solar cookers for the Dr. Frans Indongo School in Babylon financial support by the German NGO EG-Solar e.V. is provided. They also developed the solar cookers and built up the workshop in Döbra

Download our Flyer (English, Afrikaans and Oshiwambo).

How the solar cooker is working

The principle is similar to a burning glass. Approximately parallel sunbeams will be reflected on a focal point. Because of the high concentration of the sunbeams high temperatures emerge in the focal point. Also a black-painted pot or pan that is standing in the focal point takes up the sunbeams and convert it into heat, so that it is possible to cook or roast.

The solar cooker is usable at any time of the year and is independent of the temperature, but dependent on sunlight. Through a parabolic mirror that can rotate and rolls on the frame it is easy to direct the solar cooker towards the sun. If the solar cooker is not in use the mirror can be turned on the head so that the reflector blades are protected. It is possible to keep the meal warm for hours through a use of a wicker basket. It has to be filled with blankets or grass, so that the pot is covered.

Technical data of our solar cooker

  • Length solar cooker: 1.50m
  • Diameter mirror: 1.40m
  • Grid size: for pots up to a diameter of 44cm
  • Max. power: 700watt (boils under optimal conditions
    3 litres of water in 15 minutes)
  • Expected lifetime of at least 20 years
  • Quality product made in Döbra, Namibia

Examples for the use of a solar cookers

  • Cooking, baking, roasting, deep fry, barbeque, stewing
  • Producing of juice
  • Sterilisation of water and instruments
  • Heating water for laundry
  • Ironing

How to find us

Our workshop is located in Döbra, 25km north of Windhoek. Take the B1 north to Okahandja, take the first turn to your right (see street sign Döbra and the Nampower building). Follow the gravelroad through the little river and turn the first option left (D1514, R.C. Mission Station). Follow the road until you enter Döbra. After you passed the gate keep straight up the hill until you reach after 50m a parking option on the right hand side. Our workshop is located in the basement of the white building. Please call us in advance under 081-4216347 to assure that someone is at the office.